Friday, 1 July 2011

Winter Shadow


Winter Shadow

by Richard Knight, Richard Johnson

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Book Description
Maria lives with her grandfather in a small mountain village in the snowy north. One winter morning, she is on her way to school when she spots a small grey bundle lying under a tree, half-covered in the powdery snow - a wolf cub! Maria knows that she should leave the cub, but her curiosity and compassion are aroused. Will the cub still be there when she walks home? "Personal and Social Development: New to the Barefoot Young Fiction" series, this debut novel by Rochdale author Richard Knight explores key issues around the relationship between humans and animals, and between the individual and their community.

About the Author
Richard Knight has been a primary school teacher for over fifteen years. An avid outdoorsman, he particularly enjoys hiking and mountain climbing, and nature has always inspired his writing. Richard currently lives in England with his wife, their two children, their dog Barney and two guinea pigs. Richard Johnson lives in Lincolnshire. When he's not making pictures, he likes to fly kites and explore the woods where he lives. He is also fond of collecting strange and old toys, and hunting down interesting imagery on his travels. This is his first project with Barefoot Books.

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